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Drone Inspections in Greater Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Being able to provide you the best services is one of the things that drives us to serve you better. That’s why D&G Quality Roofing is always looking for ways to make our business practices more efficient, affordable, and accessible for everyone in the DFW Metroplex.

We often look to the latest technologies for inspiration. Thus, when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has relaxed some of its regulations regarding the non-recreational use of drones to gather data, we immediately added them to our roofing inspection arsenal.

The Advantages of Using a Drone for Inspections

Although drones are mainly used for entertainment purposes, they’re becoming a popular tool for roofing companies as well. These remote-controlled machines come in pretty handy during inspections because they provide the following benefits:

Saves Time

Using a drone to complete a roof inspection is much faster than sending a contractor up to the roof. With a simple push of a button, the drone is sent flying into the air, getting a full view of the roof. Because of this, contractors won’t take nearly as long doing the preliminary work and they will have more time for thorough planning.

Saves Money

Operating a drone is also much cheaper. It eliminates the need for extra equipment such as ladders, ropes, and other tools. With less labor put into the procedure, you can save on roofing service costs.

Captures the Whole Picture

It’s difficult to visualize the top view of a roof, but that problem is immediately solved with a drone. A drone is able to capture a roof’s entire surface, making it much easier for us to spot damage. With that said, we’ll be able to inspect your roof more thoroughly and get precise readings. Having this level of accuracy also ensures that the roofing solutions we can apply, are exactly what you need.

Minimizes the Risk of Construction Accidents and Fatalities

Inspecting a roof is a dangerous job, which is why D&G Quality Roofing will do everything to minimize the risks of construction accidents and fatalities. Adding a drone in our inspection equipment means that our contractors will be on the roof much less frequently – reducing their chances of experiencing roof-related accidents.

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D&G Quality Roofing will Repair or Replace Your Roof in No Time

If your roof is in bad shape in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area, contact D&G Quality Roofing. We can send our professional roofing contractors to inspect the condition of your property by using one of our high-tech drones. Once we’ve figured out how much damage your roof has sustained, we’ll repair or replace the affected area immediately. Just give us a call at 469-754-8343 for a free estimate.

D&G Quality Roofing is up-to-date with the FAA rules and regulations. We’ll make sure that using a drone for roofing purposes is legal in your area before we start the inspection.



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