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EPDM Silicone Roof Coating in Greater DFW Area

Silicone is no longer just for Mammaries™

Many commercial and industrial roofs today are covered with rolled rubber roofing called EPDM. These systems are popular because they are fairly easy to maintain. The material is also elastic, allowing it to fit the contour of the roof.

Despite their benefits, EPDM roofs tend to absorb a lot of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Over time the effect of the sun's radiation on the roof can cause the rubber to lose its elastic properties, resulting in faster material decomposition and increased susceptibility to damage. This is where the potential for leaks comes from, along with a poor fit around roof protrusions. In an effort to combat these drawbacks, D&G Quality Roofing applies white silicone roof coatings to protect EPDM roofs. 

Benefits of a Silicone Roof Coating

While black roof systems such as EPDM reflect less than 10% of the sun's energy, our white silicone roof coating reflects up to 85% of the sun's energy. This increased reflectivity results in lower roof and interior temperatures. White roofs are more reflective, meaning the sun’s harmful rays do not have as powerful of a deteriorating effect that it does on a black roof, leading to a longer-lasting roof solution.

All of that means cost-effectiveness for you, the building owner! With the savings you keep in your pocket, it's possible that these systems can pay for themselves in as little as 5-7 years! We believe that this reason alone is enough to choose a silicone coating system by Progressive. Here are some more benefits that you get when you choose a Progressive silicone roof coating:

  • No need to tear off existing membrane, saving labor and tear off costs
  • Eliminates landfill waste, meaning it’s better for the environment
  • Seamless spray application stops leaks effectively
  • Extends roof life
  • Extendable warranty
  • Easy maintenance
  • And, of course, a white roof means increased energy efficiency, keeping money in your pocket

This membrane coating system can be applied to a number of various substrates, including aged TPO, aged PVC, CSPE, EPDM, and Modified Bitumen.

How is it Applied?

The membrane coating is applied in a 4-step process:

1. The existing roof is cleaned with our industrial-strength cleaning product.

2. Tack coat primer is applied to the entire surface to prepare roof.

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3. Each seam is reinforced with our high strength fabric embedded in a layer of basecoat on top and bottom.

4. The entire roof is sealed with a white silicone spray coat for ultimate waterproofing and protection.

Call D&G Quality Roofing for Silicone Roof Coating

Before you make the expensive decision to replace your entire roof or continue on with endless patching, contact D&G Quality Roofing or give us a call at 469-754-8343 and let us provide you a free estimate and inspection of your flat roof. At D&G Quality Roofing we are all about providing quality roofing solutions that save you money and put your mind at ease. We service homes and businesses in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. 


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