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safety comes first

D+G Quality Roofing takes a pro-active approach to safety. With every job, we inform you of any possible safety hazards and take preventive action to ensure a safe work environment. Some of the common safety hazards are: loose roofing material, unprotected skylights, wet surfaces, unstable ladders, roof instability, electrical hazards, etc.

All of our employees are trained how to properly use ladders, personal fall arrest systems, scaffolds, work equipment, and are instructed to stop work if there are any safety issues that need to be addressed.

D+G Quality Roofing can provide fall protection plans and fall protection certifications with our proposals.

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Image: skylight guard installation

Safety Accessories

At D+G Quality Roofing we offer several safety accessories to ensure a safe roof  for our people and yours.

  • Skylight Guards
  • Rooftop Anchors
  • Fall Protection Plans
  • Fall Protection Certifications
  • Safety Rails
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Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)

The roofing industry is one of the most dangerous jobs in construction according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
D+G Quality Roofing is fully bonded with 25+ years of commercial experience.

Source: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Roofing fatalities accounted for 47 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers in 2020
  • From 1999 to 2010, falls were second only to highway incidents in terms of fatal injuries.
  • There were 4,764  fatal  work  injuries  recorded in the United States in 2020
  • A worker died every 111 minutes from a work-related injury in 2020
PROshield safety audit

D+G Quality Roofing offers our PROshield Safety Audit to ensure your roof meets local, state, and federal safety requirements. Following the safety audit, we provide you with a report including a list of recommended changes. Each roof configuration has safety requirements dependent on slope, height, and accessibility.

We have seen it all in our 25+ years of commercial roofing experience. Let us help make your facility safe for your contractors and maintenance crews.

  • Review rooftop access
  • Review potential fall hazards
  • Review edge details and walking paths
  • Review need for rooftop anchors
proshield safety audit brochure
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Over 25 Years of working with Insurance Companies

We work with most trusted insurance companies. Chances are we work with yours, too. Here are some of the companies we work with on a regural basis.